2023 Teacher Training
Conference Sessions

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  Cristina McConnell - Basic Steps to Maturity

   Cristina McConnell - Foundations for Life More than Memorizing

  Cristina McConnell -Speak Up Speak Out Training Children to Share Their Faith

  Cristina McConnell - The Final Authority Why Evangelize Children

  Darlene Theiss_- Teaching Children the Attributes of God - (version one)

  Darlene Theiss - Theaching Children the Attributes of God  - (version two)

  Frank Baldus - Unique and Engaging Tools for Your Kids Ministry

  Jane Nishimoto -  Stretegies of Hands on Learning

  Kelli Romero - Engaging and Connecting with Children

  Kelli Romero - How to Best Understand Families in 2023

Pastor_Stef_Mitrano - Ministering to Children Who Have Experienced Trauma

Sally Atkinson - Hiding God"s Word in Their Hearts with Songs

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