2020 Teacher Training
Conference Sessions

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  Review Can Be Exciting -  Cristina McConnell

  Visualize or Fossilize - Cristina McConnell

  Teachers That Touch Lives: A Look at the Teacher (CEF))

  Attributes of God Do kids really know what God is like? - Darlene Theis

  Knowing Your Children-How well do you really know your students? - Darlene Theis

  Hiding God’s Word in Your Heart w/Songs - Sally Atkinson

  Ministering to Children Who Have Experienced Trauma - Pastor Stef

  "For Such a time as This" with David Schmus (Christian Educators Association International)

  Panel Session with John Atkinson, Tommy Cota and Gail Blake-Smith

  Defining the Kids of 2020 with Kelli Espiritu-Romero

Prepare Something for Them or they'll Prepare Something For You with Kelli Espiritu-Romero

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