2019 Teacher Training
Conference Sessions

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  Classroom 1 - Barbie Enterline - "The Easy Way to teach the Bible to Children"

  Classroom 1 - Barbie Enterline -  "The Easy Way to Hide God’s Word in Your Heart"

  Classroom 1 - Christina McConnell - "Drawing in the Net" (The Salvation Invitation)

  Classroom 1 - Cristina McConnell - "Speak Up – Speak Out" (Training Children to share their faith)

  Classroom 2 - Dan & Debbie Thetford - "Vision and Visuals" (Est. the Lord’s vision and using creative teaching objectives to get there)

  Classroom 2 - Debbie Stoner - "Overcoming Obstacles and Discouragement in Children’s Ministry"

  Classroom 2 - Darlene Theis - "Teaching the Attributes of God"

  Classroom 2 - Darlene Theis - "Simply the Story" (Teaching the Word to kids inductively)

Fellowship Hall - Kelli Espiritu’ - "5 Ways Teachers Win Every Sunday Morning"

  Fellowship Hall - Kelly Espiritu’ - "Classroom Games with Purpose"

  Fellowship Hall - Anaiah Younger - "Ideas to keep your students engaged and connected"

  Sanctuary - Welcome, Worship, Message - Tommy Cota - Guest Speaker

Sanctuary - Larry Enterline - "Alone Time with God"

Sanctuary - Larry Enterline - "Are We Teaching the Children How to Respond to God?"

Sanctuary - Larry Enterline - "Discipline – Classroom Rules"

Sanctuary - Sally Atkinson - "Hiding God’s Word with Songs & Signs using JumpStart3"

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